16 types of WordPress websites

42% of all websites across the internet today are WordPress-based websites. Making it the most popular website building system on the market.

WordPress is an open-source content management system. That was once referred to as a blogging system. But today it is possible to make different types of websites in this system.

In the post, I will present a list of 16 different types of WordPress websites that can built with WordPress.


Types of sites that can be built on WordPress websites

A blog or personal website

WordPress started out as a simple blogging system. And evolved into a powerful content management system.

Over the last few years the whole blog structure that was in the past has not disappeared. It has become stronger, smarter, and more polished.

The flexibility of the system makes WordPress the best blogging system in the world. That allows you to create content-rich websites.

Create your blog with Free WordPress Blog Themes.

Venal - Lifestyle Personal Blog

Business WordPress websites:

WordPress is the best way to build a professional-looking business website. Among the huge number of WordPress customers. You will find some of the largest companies in the world.

Business owners especially like the ease of use of the system and its flexibility. With the use of plugins, you can connect the integration of the site to the social media. Of the business, optimize the site for search engines, track marketing.

And traffic data on the site, and add any other feature we need.

In WordPress, you can choose a free or paid theme from tens. And hundreds of thousands of examples and make adjustments. To the template for the site without paying the web designer.

A template I really like is GeneratePress which is optimized for image sites.


Online store

WordPress with Woo commerce is the most used trading platform in the world. It supports many payment methods. Like PayPal, Stripe, Credit Cards, Beat, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, and more. So you can get paid for services or products you have sold online.

In a WordPress-based store, you can sell physical or digital products. And the system allows us to run our business with tools. For inventory management, orders, shipments, taxes, and more.


Website with a monthly subscription

There are sites like digital utilities or luxury newspapers. That sell on their site a monthly subscription renewable in the standing order. Through a monthly or annual payment, the customer buys. The right to exposed to all the content on the site to which he has paid. An excellent tool for managing an online community.

Member Press is the best plugin for building such a site in WordPress. It comes with powerful access control, subscription management, user management. And integrations with third-party tools and means of payment.


Digital courses website

You can use WordPress to sell courses and build an online learning community. There are lots of quality plugins for building digital courses on top of WordPress. The most popular today are Sensei and Learn-dash.

With the help of these plugins, you can create and manage courses, manage subscribers. And customers and control the access of the people who exposed to the content on the site.

digital courses website

DropShipping Website

Drop shipping is an e-commerce site that does not have products in stock. The site is actually a product broker that provides the customer with an end. When a customer makes a buy on the Drop shipping website, the store owner makes a sale of the product from. A third-party supplier with the customer’s details sent to the customer’s address.

WordPress has quality Dropshipping plugins that help you manage, attract vendor inventory and manage your site easily. The most common plugin for building and managing a WordPress dropshipping site is WooDropship.

DropShipping Website


The marketplace is a platform that gives a platform to various vendors to sell their products online. The most well-known and powerful marketplaces today are eBay and Amazon.

WordPress has some quality plugins that turn your site into an online marketplace. Once you have built a marketplace different sellers can go to your site and offer products for sale and you will earn a commission for every sale made in your marketplace.

It is important to remember that Marketplace is one of the more complicated sites that exist today across the network, it consumes a large number of resources, its construction is complex and the supervision of the site itself is carried out by the site owner.

The most common plugin for building and managing a WordPress Marketplace site is the Dukan Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

Dukan Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

Affiliate Program Website

An affiliate program is where you get a commission by referring users to a particular product or service. The best epilation sites in the world were built on the WordPress system.

With the help of the system, you can build an affiliate marketing site accurately with tools and plugins that will help you maximize profits.

You can sign up for individual affiliate programs or create an Amazon app store that uses the company’s affiliate program. The most common plugin for building a quality affiliate site in WordPress is AffiliateWP.


Coupon Website

A coupon site is basically a site that centralizes within it several types of affiliate programs. With the help of the right plugins, you can easily build a coupon site with control over expiration dates and other details.

Users of your site can even vote and rate their favorite coupons. The most common plugin for building a coupon site in WordPress is the Advanced Coupon.

WooCommerce Coupons


The combination of WordPress and Podcast is a winning combination. Most powerful vulgarises around the internet use WordPress for their podcast.

WordPress has a number of templates and plugins that are suitable for building the perfect podcast site and making the whole process easier. The most common plugin for building and managing a WordPress podcast site is Seriously Simple Podcast.

Seriously Simple Podcast

Job Board Website

Famous sites use the “Jobs Board” plugin on their site to generate additional revenue from the site. Over the years the demand for job boards and online bulletin boards is growing, industries and other industries are coming in with their own job board.

With WordPress, you can easily create a job board where employers can post a list of jobs and professionals can respond to them. The most common plugin for building a job site or bulletin board in WordPress is WPJobBoard.

wp jobboard

Social Network

WordPress allows you to build your own social, online, active, and involved community. Users will be able to join your community, manage profiles, interact with other profiles, view activities, join groups, and more.

The most common plugin for building a social network on the WordPress system is BuddyPress.


Portfolio Websites

In WordPress, you can easily build a website to display a portfolio with photo galleries and a quality slide show. Portfolio sites can be used to present a portfolio in the field of writing, painting, photography, music, digital, and basically any field that can be presented visually.

With the help of WordPress, you can build a website that provides a polished user experience, which makes it easier for users to browse the site and watch your work. The most common plugin for building WordPress portfolio sites is Portfolio Gallery.


Forum Websites

Online forums are a great way to build community and leverage user-generated content to drive traffic to your site through search engines. In the past, the use of forum systems was very common and these were the most powerful sites on the net in terms of rankings.

You can easily build a forum on top of WordPress with the help of plugins that make the site an easy forum to manage. The most common plugin for building forum sites in WordPress is bbPress.

Forum Websites

Knowledge WebSite / Wiki

In WordPress, you can easily build and manage extensive knowledge sites like Wikipedia. Websites with huge amounts of information whose pages are linked to each other.

You can build such a site on the WordPress system using plugins that help you manage all this content under one admin panel.

The most common plugin for building a Wiki site on the WordPress system is Heroic Knowledge Base.

Knowledge WebSite

Non-profit Websites

The use of the WordPress content management system is free, it makes a lot of sense that donation sites, religious sites, and non-profit sites would prefer to build the main site of their associations in WordPress.

With WordPress plugins, one can easily build a donation form to raise money for the goals of the organization.

WordPress also has non-profit themes. The most common plugin for building a non-profit website in WordPress is Give.


In conclusion

In this article, I have given you a variety of ideas for different sites that can be built in WordPress, take inspiration, and set out to build the business you desire. It is important to remember, before building a site of any kind it must make an accurate characterization of the things you want it to have, what it will look like, what audience it will appeal to, and other important characteristics.

Website characterization is a must before building a WordPress websites. There are lots of other types of sites that can be built on many types of WordPress websites on the wonderful WordPress system.

The system is flexible with open source so that even if you use a particular plugin you can only work with some of the features it allows and combine it with other plugins.

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